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The REFMIN GROUP is an active supplier and manufacturer of vital raw materials to a diverse group of industries across the globe. The development of our partnering philosophy with our customers and service providers has seen REFMIN¡¯s business interests spread to a range of industries within areas of Aluminium, Steel, Metallurgical, Chemical, Refractory, Ceramics, Construction, along with Plastics and Rubber. This expansion of our business interests has seen our products being supplied to, and sourced from, many parts of the globe that include China, USA, EC, Turkey, Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Chinese Taiwan, Australia/New Zealand along with other parts of Asia and the Middle East.
Within a period of some 10 years, REFMIN has established itself as a world leader in raw materials manufacturing and sourcing. We have developed an extensive global network that allows us to deliver the raw materials that you require, on time and at a total cost price that is right for you.
With offices throughout the world, a network of manufacturing sites and an efficient logistics system REFMIN is always available to customers around the world.
Our goal is nothing less than to transform the raw material supply industry and to deliver beyond our customers' expectations wherever and whenever they need us - by offering the most comprehensive suite of services and becoming the only genuine one-stop source for raw material solutions, globally. A major component of this is our focus on a total solution based service. Not only are REFMIN are able to offer our customers a premium raw material source solution, we are able to provide world class services that cover quality control, shipment supervision, full finance support, logistics management well as offering services for new product development across many industry sectors.
We know the importance of integrity in our business relationships and we have testaments from many customers where we have demonstrated that our responsibility to manage our total business relationship means more to us than margin.
With a number of offices throughout China, including our Head Office in Nanjing, REFMIN have developed relationships with thousands of suppliers and service providers from all areas within China that has allowed us to build an extensive knowledge base in many sectors. REFMIN is able to offer tailored solutions that are able to accommodate all sizes of customers, taking advantage of the leverage we have developed within our areas of expertise.  Our market intelligence is second to none and in today¡¯s global financial climate, timely information on when or not to procure or ship can mean the difference between profit or loss. We have also built extensively on our international Supply Chain, where we developed an extensive supply and customer base. REFMIN also has an extensive international intelligence base, along with many international sources as well as being able to offer financial solutions and support within various international markets
REFMIN¡¯s people make the difference. As a knowledge-based company, REFMIN strongly believes that skills development and its human capital are fundamental to the company¡¯s long-term success. We have developed our people¡¯s expertise in materials and processes through working with many international organisations.  REFMIN develops, produces and markets selected minerals customised for industry worldwide. Integration of world-class assets forms a foundation for long-term stability, making REFMIN a strong and reliable partner
Quality is the guiding principle in everything we do at REFMIN and is closely monitored throughout all aspects of our operations. Recently we have introduced computerised quality management systems that comply with the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standards. The purpose of the Quality Management System is to make information easily accessible and help us to keep the focus on total quality and continuous improvements.
In today¡¯s global market place, REFMIN sees that a key indicator of future development is the way that we align ourselves with factors affecting the Environment. REFMIN also contributes to positive environmental impact by offering products that are made from naturally occurring minerals, which is advantageous from a life-cycle perspective and means that materials with a negative environmental impact can be replaced.
Another Key aspect of our business is that of sustainable growth. REFMIN see sustainable growth with having a focus on research and development, especially the development of new products that add value to our customers' businesses. Accordingly, research and development plays a key role at REFMIN.
REFMIN has employed the services of our Key suppliers own R&D laboratories and pilot plants and our own in-house research facilities ensure that we have access the very latest technology, creating opportunities for the development of new and existing products to better satisfy customer requirements.   We also work in partnership with various key customers, universities and research institutions in the development of new products and applications. Our goal is to allow us to offer products that help our customers to become more profitable
Products that fall within the major product range of REFMIN supplied materials include Flake Graphite, Bauxite, Chamotte, Dead Burned Magnesite, Fused Magnesite, Fused Mag-chrome Clinker, Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Sintered/Fused Mullite, Sintered/Fused Spinel, Boron products, Cements, Kaolin, Packaging (bags, plastic), Resins, Calcined Alumina¡¯s along with many types of Refractory and Ceramic finished good materials.
¡¤ Market Reach - Global
¡¤ Support at all levels ¨C product, logistics, finance, warehousing, - total solution provider
¡¤ Flexibility to work with you to tailor innovative marketing solutions consistent with your Corporate objectives. Each customer is as individual!
¡¤ Responsiveness
REFMIN started as a small Company, we have grown into a significant multi national business. We are very aware of where we came from, however. We remain compact and agile enough to be responsive and adaptable, yet substantial enough to manage the largest transactions.
¡¤ Experience

Many of our team have been in these industries for more than 30 years. The majority of our marketing staff have been with us for more than ten years.  
¡¤ Technical Competence
We understand the importance of Technical Marketing. We have specialised in-house expertise in a diversity of fields.
¡¤ Peace of Mind
REFMIN can manage the complete transaction risk - exchange variations, credit risk, freight variations, etc. You deal with one reliable creditor and leave the worries to us.
¡¤ Efficient Logistics and Customer Service
We tailor our service delivery to the needs of individual customers, and respond as you would if you could be here, on the ground, in the markets we serve. We are expert in the efficient shipment, storage and distribution of raw materials on any commercial scale. We have warehouse storage capability in all of our market areas.  
¡¤ Reputation!

Many world leading firms have already entrusted REFMIN with the marketing and supply of their technical raw materials. In choosing to work with us, you can be sure you will be in the best of company.
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